Photo Essays

The following are collections of photographic images organized by theme. Photo essays begin with brief textual introductions to the relevant themes. Each photograph thereafter is captioned to provide additional descriptive detail. Unless indicated in the captions, photographs were taken by us in and around Kazipur during 1989-90.

Currently there are six Flash-based photo essays available on two gallery screens. Screen 1 includes essays on riverbank erosion as a climatic force, processes involved in people abandoning their houses, lands and communities when faced with erosion, and shifting their houses and other property. Screen 2 includes photo essays on people resettling elsewhere, fishing, and a rural Bengali bamboo festival involving lathikhela (the club game, a ritualized form of fighting with lathi--bamboo polls), magic, swordplay and feats of strength.

We have provided both Flash-based and HTML photo essays here. The content is identical.

Flash essays. The first gray button below takes you to a Flash-based slide show menu and Flash-based photo essays. These are very much the superior option, both visually and in terms of loading time, and most people should definitely use this option. Essays have a button on their menus resembling a small table that allows you to switch between the main menu and an essay at any time. Once in an essay you have the choice of looking at thumbnails, enlarged photos or full screen photos. The full screen mode is highly recommended. There also is a slide show option available in each essay, which will operate in either an enlarged photo or full screen mode. You can toggle the full screen view by clicking on the active photo. The full screen mode is also cancelled by hitting Esc. Hovering provides help for the essay controls.

HTML essays. If for some reason you can't use Flash, the following links to a parallel set of HTML photo essays. For almost everyone, though, the Flash photo essays are strongly recommended.


Displacees from river bank erosion shifting their houses, Kazipur, Bangladesh