Newly Revised: Videos and Photographs on Erosion, Displacement and Climate Refugees in Bangladesh

We have just completed a fairly extensive search for online videos and photographic collections illustrating aspects of erosion and displacement in Bangladesh. Given the importance of the subject and today’s technical ease of video production we are a little surprised that the number of such videos has not exactly mushroomed since the last time we looked for them. Even so, if one works through what is available it is possible to get a quite dynamic sense of the immediate human toll of erosion. As always, we’d greatly appreciate knowing about anything new or that we missed!

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HTML-based Thematic Photo Essays reconfigured for better presentation

We initially decided to provide our thematic photo essays in two formats: Flash-based using Slideshow Pro, and pure HTML-based using Timothy Armes’ Elegance. The rationale for including the HTML-based photo essays was twofold: some folk don’t have or want Flash, and Google has a hard time indexing Flash-based material. Elegance was the best HTML option we could find at the time, but it doesn’t do dynamic scaling and so is a poor presentation vehicle compared with Slideshow Pro, particularly when the latter is operating in full screen mode.

We have now been able to dramatically improve our HTML-based offerings by using the newest version of another Timothy Armes offering, Impact. Impact automatically does full screen image scaling, and can be viewed on everything from a phone to a monster monitor. HTML purists might want to give these photo essays a try.

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Bibliography on riverbank erosion and climate refugees in Bangladesh extensively revised and expanded

We recently had the opportunity to do some serious work on our bibliography, and a new version is now available on our References & Links page. Here’s what’s new:

1. We comprehensively searched relevant reference databases and the Internet, as well as citations listed in contemporary studies.We also included a number of references otherwise unknown to us provided by others through our Contact page; thanks to those who contributed!

2. We removed references deemed too weakly linked to the key topics of riverbank erosion and displacement in Bangladesh.

3. We tried as best as was practical to provide complete references in each instance, including full author names.

4. All 692 references were manually edited to (more or less) conform to the same style. A bit more work is required here, and making everything fully conform and ensuring there are no typos left must await the next revision.

We believe the present version of the bibliography is very comprehensive and that it must now include nearly every relevant source in English. Some studies have no doubt escaped our attention, and if you know of any please do send them along. We hope this bibliography is helpful; if it is, we’d appreciate it being cited if used.

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References & Links Bibliography to be updated in February 2012

One of our most popular web pages has turned out to be our always-expanding list of references and links relating to riverbank erosion and flood in Bangladesh. We intend to provide an update to this bibliography in February 2012. If you know of anything pertinent that is not currently included we’d appreciate you sending it to us via our Contact page soon.

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Resettling Thematic Photo Essay updated and captioned in Flash and HTML versions

We have now completed the  development of four thematic photo essays that, if viewed sequentially, provide a visual portrayal of riverbank erosion as it affects local people. The essay titled Erosion addresses chiefly geological and hydrological forces that lead to riverbank erosion along the Jamuna river. Abandoning shows how people proactively leave homes and farms immediately threatened by erosion. Shifting illustrates that actual process of moving from erosion-threatened sites to new, hopefully safer ones. Resettling concentrates on those displaced people who have resettled on public land, chiefly along local embankments and roads. All four are captioned and organized to tell a basic story.

There are two versions of each of these thematic photo essays (as well as the others): Flash-based and pure HTML.  The Flash-based versions are recommended, as they are visually much more satisfying. Try the Flash versions in full screen mode!

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Bangladesh bibliography updated

While we have been developing this site we have always thought that it would be useful to use it as a vehicle to make research on riverbank erosion and flood more available, particularly to those with fewer literature resources than us. Accordingly, we have been collecting references to these subjects as we have gone along and have periodically updated our main bibliography.

Our criteria for inclusion in this bibliography have been pretty loose. This chiefly is because riverbank erosion itself still does not receive very much attention, particularly in respect to its sociocultural dimensions. As Haakon Lein (2009 in the bibliography) and M Zulfiquar Ali Islam (2009, ditto) have both  written recently, the bulk of research continues to derive from REIS, the Riverbank Erosion Impact Study.  This joint project between the University of Manitoba and Jahangirnagar University collected most of its core data during the late 1980s. We therefore have included a lot of the socioculturally-oriented literature on flood and some of that on extreme poverty and Bangladeshi responses to disaster.

We also have found that what literature there is specifically on riverbank erosion is quite difficult to locate. As a case in point, searching online journal databases turns up little. Accordingly, we have been primarily expanding the bibliography the old fashioned way: securing relevant documents, reading them, and raiding their reference lists for new citations.

We’d greatly appreciate any relevant references not currently included in the bibliography, which could best be sent to us via our Contact page.

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Just a beginning

Being completely clueless about creating and modifying blogs, it may be a little while before much content relating to riverbank erosion and flood in Bangladesh appears here. Just a few hours into the process, I am quite happy to have already figured out how to place my own header image on this page. For now, click here to get back to the main site.

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