Riverbank erosion of the Jamuna river west bank


Analytical Essays

The chief goal of most of these essays is to provide insight into the lives of people in an area of Bangladesh that has faced dramatic riverbank erosion and consequent environmentally forced migration. We don’t intend these to be academic discussions of the sort found in journals, but they are based on fieldwork data and an academically-informed understanding of research methodology. Most are intended to be a little experimental in two senses. We are going to try to make these essays quite personal, in the sense of foregrounding individual people's views and words. We also are going to work in a large number of photographs, to provide another dimension of understanding of life in Kazipur and by extension, life in rural Bangladesh.

You are strongly encouraged to look at our introductory essay first, as it frames the issue and provides a brief description of the local context. Those interested in the process of digitally converting and restoring slides and negatives that have deteriorated over time should scan our essay on this subject. References cited in essays are found in References & Links.


Some photographic and technical considerations: source images, scanning, color correcting, archiving
Not Just dis-placed and poor: how environmentally forced migrants in rural bangladesh recreate space and place under trying conditions
Rural landlessness, extended entitlements and inter-household relations in South Asia: a Bangladesh case